Allow me to Introduce Myself:

 I'm Sean Colon, owner and manager of the team at Eco Painting Design. First and foremost, I want you to know that my company started as a labor of love and hard work that began with family, and grew out of the struggle and pride behind my own home ownership.  I have owned and operated my business since 2000, and my experience extends to my earlier years as a teenager working with my father and experiencing people through their space from the perspective of a painter and artist. As I grew, it became imperative to me to operate my business with more efficiency and care than my family, and with respect to my clients unique definition of what they call "home." After all, this translates into a very personal definition for everyone. And it is this definition that is projected through our most important, protective, and private spaces that allow you, my client, to step away from the everyday.

It is my pleasure to collaborate with my clients and their designers in a way that can explore their options, and guarantee level of customer satisfaction unparalleled in the industry. My role is to not only provide an accurate estimate, but to oversee the completion of unforeseen challenges in a timely manner that respects not only your space, but your bottom line. My team and I are skilled, experienced, and insured in interior and exterior painting. I invite you to meet my crew that you'll be welcoming into your home.  Happy Decorating! 



Sean Colon, Owner

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