"We chose Sean Colon & the Eco Painting team over all other bids for painting a 46 unit mixed use (residential / commercial) building in Chicago because they are extremely professional and they were within our budget. Eco Painting was easy to conduct business with and completed the condos in a timely manner even under tight time constraints due to a large project. The skills that separate Sean and Eco Painting above the rest are their genuine concern for detail, cleanliness and absolute quality of workmanship. I definitely recommend them to anyone for large projects and small jobs.”


-Dave Hempfling, JCJ Development LLC

As a well organized manager, I retain a small and highly skilled crew and maintain a uniquely personal relationship with the members of my team. We are like a small family that know and trust one another. This experience has shown that a smaller team, familiar with one another can work more efficiently and with a distinctive work flow to get larger projects done in a clean and timely fashion.  This is especially important to my clients because they can appreciate the finer details coming to the forefront on larger scale projects like exteriors just as much as we do. For exterior projects, it is equally as important to take elemental exposure, temperature, lifestyle, and seasonal upkeep into consideration when choosing paint type and finish. This will help add to value and curbside appeal to any home.  


Exterior services include:


Staining and sealing exteriors and decks

Exterior Pressure Washing